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Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando | Smile Gallery in Orlando

429 N. Ferncreek Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803


Smile Gallery

pic_7.jpg  pic_8.jpg

Before                                                               After

This is a 59 year old professional male that was ready to make his smile great again after years of wearing his teeth down from grinding.  We started off with invisalign to get his teeth in a healthy position and then finished with zoom whitening, fillings and beautiful zirconia crowns!


pic_9.jpg   pic_10.jpg

Before                                                               After

This is a 41 year old female who wasn't happy with the staining that was occurring around large fillings on her upper front teeth.  To achieve the result she was wanting we did some fillings in posterior and six beautiful zirconia crowns on her upper front teeth.  She lover her new healthy smile!


pic_11.jpg  pic_12.jpg  pic_13.jpg pic_14.jpg

Before                                                                                                                  After

This is a 41 year old female who was not happy with how her smile was narrowing.  As we age sometimes "narrowing of the smile" happens and some of the most esthetic improvements are the subtle change in restoring balance and harmony to the smile, including widening and eliminating what dentists like to call "black corridors".  The solution was invisalign and whitening to give her that perfect bright smile!



           pic15_before.jpg  pic_16.jpg

Before                                                After

This is a 30 year old professional female who had a traumatic accident involving her upper front teeth.  Upon a comprehensive exam, it was recommended for the patient to have two implants and 3 crowns.  Invisalign was used to make ideal space for these anterior restorations.  Prior to placement of crowns, zoom whitening was done to complete her gorgeous smile!



pic_17.jpg  pic_18.jpg

Before                                                               After

This is a 57 year old professional male who had veneers and an implant on his upper anteriors which were needing to be replaced.  The existing restorations were starting to fail and they were very protrusive in the patient's smile.  We did invisalign to bring the teeth back into the arch, zoom whitening and 8 zirconia crowns on his upper front teeth, to give him the smile that he wishes he had years ago!



pic_19.jpg   pic_20.jpg

Before                                                               After

This is a 34 year old female who came to our office with a fractured upper anterior bridge, and missing/broken teeth.  After discussing different options we decided to do implants to eliminate bridge work and missing teeth, invisalign to improve occlusion and create ideal space, and crowns to give her beautiful esthetics and function.

Invisalign, Zoom Whitening, Crowns, and Fillings

billerlooperbefore.jpg  billylooperafter.jpg

Before                                         After

Cosmetic Crowns & Whitening

Mitsty_Rogers_before.jpg  Misty_Rogers_after.jpg

Before                                         After


erin_pettis_before.jpg  erin_pettis_after.jpg

Before                                         After

Implants, Crowns, Invisalign & Whitening

Nirali_Patel_before.jpg  nirali_patel_after.jpg

Before                                         After

Cosmetic Reconstruction

bill_brislin_before.jpg  bill_brislin_after.jpg

Before                                         After

Bridges, Crowns and Whitening

caroline_Muthaisu_before.jpg  caroline_Muthaisu_after.jpg

Before                                         After

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