Implant Supported DenturesDo you long for the days when your smile was highlighted by straight, white and lovely teeth? If you want your old smile back, implant supported dentures might be the solution. This smile aide is an overdenture connected to and supported by implants. In contrast, a conventional denture remains on the gums without the support of implants.

Why Implant Supported Dentures are Used

Implant supported dentures are available for those who lack teeth in the jaw but have ample bone within the jaw to function as a strong foundation for implants. Implant supported dentures are designed with nuanced attachments that connect to implant attachments. Implant supported dentures are typically made for the lower jaw as conventional dentures are less stable in that position.

In most cases, a conventional denture designed to fit the upper jaw proves stable without assistance and does not require additional support provided by implants. This is not to say implant supported dentures cannot be used in both portions of the jaw. As long as you are willing to remove the implant supported denture on a daily basis to clean it along with the gum space, this innovative device really will bring your smile back to its former glory.

How Implant Supported Dentures Work Their Magic

Two unique types of implant supported dentures are available. Both ball-retained and bar-retained implant supported dentures are comprised of an acrylic base that resembles gums. Acrylic teeth that resemble regular teeth are connected to the base. The bar-retained variety is a narrow metal bar that moves in unison with the jaw's natural curve. The bar, and/or denture connects to clips or other attachments. The denture is just the right fit atop the bar, proving secure thanks to the attachments.

The ball-retained variety of implant supported dentures relies on a system in which all the implants in the jaw hold a metal attachment that connects to denture attachments. The implant attachments are shaped like balls. These attachments connect to the sockets. There is no reason to fear the dental implant process. Implants are placed in the jaw toward the front of the mouth where there is typically more bone to work with. Dental implants typically take between five months and upwards of a year or longer to prove fully functional. All in all, two surgeries are necessary. The initial surgery places the implants in the jaw beneath the gums. The next surgery exposes the top portion of the implants about 3-6 months following the first operation.

The Merits of Implant Supported Dentures

Anyone who is missing teeth should give serious consideration to implant support dentures. Even those who have damaged or decayed teeth should consider the merits of this dental innovation. Your teeth will look and function normally once the implant supported dentures are in place. This means you will be able to interact with others, laugh, talk, eat, yawn and generally be yourself in social settings without having to worry about whether anyone notices your missing or damaged teeth.

There is no Need for Dental Adhesives

Implant supported dentures boost stability, oral functionality and appearance without the need for dental adhesives. Ask anyone who has used traditional dentures about dental adhesives and you will find they are quite the annoyance. Opt for implant supported dentures and you will never have to worry about the prosthetic sliding out of place. This is the assistance you need to look your best, feel confident and live life to the fullest.

What to Expect From Implant Supported Dentures

If you covet that gorgeous smile you had years ago before your dental problems, you have little to lose and just about everything to gain from trying implant supported dentures. This approach to improving oral health proves more stable than conventional dentures. Once implant supported dentures are in your mouth, you will have no fear at all. This is your chance to show off your beautiful smile, eat, drink, laugh and socialize without hesitation.

Your implant supported denture will not loosen or fall out of your mouth as you go about living your life. You can eat whatever foods you desire without worrying about whether they will be caught in the dentures or loosen them. In fact, implant supported dentures placed in the upper jaw can even be customized to cover less of the roof of the mouth than conventional dentures. This is possible as implants hold the denture in place rather than relying on suction generated between the palate and a full denture.

Implant Supported Dentures Vs. Regular Dentures

As noted above, full dentures use suction as opposed to implants for security. Furthermore, implant supported dentures are generally considered superior as they do not have the potential to loosen like regular dentures. If traditional dentures loosen, they can float around, making it difficult to eat and interact with others without feeling self-conscious. Dental implants are the superior option as these diminutive screw-like implants are placed in the jaw bone for as secure of a connection with the denture as possible. Implant supported dentures look and feel just like regular teeth.

Meet With Your Dentist to Find out how Implant Supported Dentures Will Bring Back Your Stunning Smile. Dr. Schmidt a Boise dentist adds that you should ask your dentist all your questions upfront about the process of getting the implants and dentures and this will make the process more comfortable.

If you are still unclear as to why implant supported dentures are superior to regular dentures and other solutions for improved oral health and smile aesthetics, go ahead and pick your dentist's brain. Dentists far and wide tout the merits of implant supported dentures. In fact, dentists across the land encourage patients looking for a smile solution to research implant supported dentures and other potential solutions in-depth. The dentist will conduct an exam and perform x-rays to determine the amount of available bone and the ideal locations for the implants. The dentist will then discuss your oral health, explain how implant supported dentures can create a symmetrical smile and ultimately give you hope for the future.

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