Same Day CrownsTime should no longer be the primary factor when determining whether to get a crown. The days of the lengthy and frustrating crown placement process are long gone. Today's dentists use same day crowns, known as CEREC. This technology empowers the dentist to repair cracked, chipped and otherwise damaged teeth in one visit. In fact, same day crowns can take as little as a few hours to complete.

The Basics of CEREC

It is no longer necessary to visit the dentist several times over and wear a temporary crown while waiting for the lab to make a permanent crown. CEREC machines generate porcelain crowns in surprisingly little time. Such a machine will be used when you visit the dentist for your same day crown. Conventional temporary crowns rarely blend in with the rest of the teeth. Temporary crowns can also cause considerable pain if they are not properly fitted. In fact, you would likely have to avoid some types of food that would cause the tooth to fall off or loosen.

The better option is to go with a same day crown made with a CEREC machine. This same day crown is produced faster and looks better. Furthermore, CEREC does not require a bunch of drilling and injections like traditional crowns. Nor will you have to visit with the dentist several times for impressions, the placement of a temporary crown, etc. Everything is done in one day for the utmost convenience.

How Same Day Crowns Work Their Magic

The same day crown process starts with the preparation of the tooth in the same manner as a conventional crown. A special camera is used to create a digital image of the tooth. This image is brought to the screen by the dental chair. The dentist then guides the machine to create a unique crown for your mouth. The crown is cemented into place to return your smile to glory.

The Precise Fit Every Patient Deserves

Aside from convenience, precision is one of the key selling points of same day crowns. These crowns are not a short-term fix. Think of same day crowns as an investment in your mouth that pays off across posterity. Today's dental technology allows for highly accurate digital scanning and milling that ensures the same day crown fits with precision on the first attempt. From the nuances of your tooth contours to your bite pattern, every little subtlety is considered when your same day crown is made.

Same Day Crowns Look Fantastic

Same day crowns fit better than traditional crowns. Same day crowns are made with that much more precision, allowing for a superior fit, more reliability, and unparalleled aesthetics. The look of these crowns is directly attributable to the precision tech responsible for their creation. Unlike regular crowns that often leave black lines on the gums, same day crowns actually look like your regular teeth.

Same Day Crowns are Comfortable

Ask those who take the conventional route about their crowns and you will likely find it took weeks to fit and probably does not perfectly aligned with the real teeth remaining in the mouth. The crown materials along with the time spent wearing those annoying temporaries play a part in the discomfort. The better option is same day crowns that feel just as comfortable as natural teeth. Dr. McRae a Las Vegas dentist says that since you can get same day crowns in one visit you don't have to worry about uncomfortable temporary crowns and don't have to worry about your tooth being damaged while you wait for the crown.

Opt for the High-tech Solution

There are glaring differences between same day crowns and the conventional ones. Traditional crowns rely on dental putty that is completely unnecessary with the high-tech approach of same day crowns. Same day crowns rely on digital mapping so there is no need to mess around with dental putty for dental impressions. From dentists to patients, dental hygienists and beyond, everyone detests dental putty. Opt for same day crowns and you will not have to worry about putty in your mouth.

Same Day Crowns are Surprisingly Durable

Though conventional crowns are fairly durable, the same day variety are also formidable. Most people expect same day crowns to be comparably weak as they are made in less time. However, same day crowns prove rigid and reliable for everything from eating to chewing gum and beyond.

The Natural Look You Deserve

The overarching aim of your crown should be an aesthetically pleasing and functional restoration. Crowns made the same day they are placed to look like the rest of the teeth in the mouth. Though every type of crown will appear dark after drinking coffee or wine, the proper oral care will keep it looking nice and clean. In the end, same day crowns provide you and the dentist with more control over how the crown will look. In fact, you might even be provided with the opportunity to look at the image of the crown on the computer screen as the scan is conducted. The dentist will perform modifications as necessary until the crown is exactly as it should be. The milling machine then makes the crown with a silicone cast.

Save Time With Same Day Crowns

No one likes spending time in the dentist's chair. Opt for same day crowns and you will not spend any more time than is absolutely necessary at the dentist's office. As is often said, time is money. Same day crowns free you up to spend your time as you please rather than returning to the dentist's office over and over again for visits.

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