Professional Teeth WhiteningAt Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando, it is our goal to provide you with comfortable and affordable dental services that will give optimum whitening results with our customized whitening trays. When you come to us our dental office in Orlando Florida, Dr. Aileen Trivedi will create a tooth whitening tray that is customized according to your needs and proves to be a great fit in your mouth. As a professional dentist, Dr. Trivedi connects with her patients in such a way that everyone gets personalized dental care according to their requirements. When you come to us for whitening she will go the extra mile to create a custom-made whitening tray to ensure that you as her patient is comfortable and gets the absolute best results from the whitening process.

When patients come to us for whitening they are usually quite shy and uncomfortable due to the condition of their teeth because of the stains that have been left behind after many years. Many patients feel discouraged because of the yellow coloration which is preventing them from going out in public or even smiling in pictures. Well, the good news is that at Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando it is our duty to serve our patients and turn this whole scenario around. We will work with you to change that smile into one that you will soon want to show off to others and will prove to be a great confidence booster.

How Dr. Aileen Trivedi Creates the Custom Made Whitening Trays

When you come to our clinic you will have the option to select the at-home whitening treatment which Dr. Trivedi will prepare you for. She will first speak to you about your dental history and will access the condition of your teeth to make sure if the whitening tray is the best option for you. Then, she will begin the process of designing a custom-made whitening tray that is tailored to fit perfectly into your mouth. To create the tray, she will first take an impression of the teeth which will be sent to the laboratory where the cast will be designed. The cast is used throughout the process of the tray development so that everyone has a tray that is customized to fit inside of the mouth and according to each tooth. In the process, the lab technician at our dental office will apply liquid plastic on the surface of the cast and will also cure the plastic to develop a thin layer on the top of each of the teeth. The thin plastic layer is used in representing the amount of whitening gel which will be between the actual tray and your teeth. The next step involves placing a heated sheet of plastic on the cast after which the vacuum molds it so that it contours the cast. At this point in time, the thin plastic layer in the whitening gel holds the plastic sheet away from the teeth so that there is enough room for the whitening reservoir. After this process is over the whitening tray is removed after being cooled and adjusted by Dr. Trivedi so that it fits the patient perfectly.

The Whitening Reservoirs Within the Whitening Trays

One of the most important aspects of the custom whitening trays that Dr. Trivedi provides is the teeth whitening reservoir. Each of the trays is developed in such a way that the indents of the teeth are placed within the trays. The trays are designed to where there is a small amount of space in between the tooth and the tray. The purpose of this space is to allow the whitening gel to be able to slide up to the tooth and stay there for a longer period, which helps in providing efficient teeth whitening.

When one purchases over the counter whitening kits the downside to those is that they are designed to fit almost any individual.There are even times where these trays prove to be too big and do not hug the teeth like the customized ones do. Therefore, Dr. Trivedi does not recommend over the counter trays as there is not much room that is left between the teeth and the tray, which ultimately does not allow the whitening solution to get close enough to the teeth to get the desired results. Unlike the over the counter trays, the customized trays are perfectly made to contour the shape of every tooth.

The Advantage of custom whitening trays is that each tooth gets treatment so that your smile can retain that same level of brightness and there is no unevenness present. You will be able to whiten your smile up to around ten shades just after a single visit.