Botox TreatmentDo you suffer from TMJ and are plagued by discomfort that makes it challenging to complete daily activities such as drinking, eating, laughing and talking. If you have even slight pain stemming from TMJ during such activities, you are likely a candidate for Botox treatment. When the subject of Botox is raised, most people immediately think of facial injections to eliminate wrinkles and make the skin appear years or even decades younger. Botox is certainly helpful to rejuvenate the skin yet it can also be used to treat temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ.

Why Botox is so Effective for Treating TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint links the jawbone to the skull on the sides of the mouth. This joint functions similar to a moving hinge that permits chewing, speaking and laughing. However, it is possible for the disc between the bones to gradually deteriorate, shift out of alignment or even be damaged due to trauma or disease. The result is often the condition referred to as TMJ disorder. TMJ pain is in either one or both of the joints. The pain can also manifest in aches along the face and ears, in the form of joint locking and/or pain when chewing. Botox is one of the more intriguing solutions available to treat TMJ pain.

Though Botox1 was initially created for medical purposes before being used for cosmetic improvements, it has since morphed into quite the interesting dental treatment modality. Dentists far and wide now use Botox to treat TMJ, especially TMJ in patients who involuntarily grind or clench their teeth. Botox provides temporary muscle relief around the site of the TMJ. Let our dentist treat your TMJ with Botox and you will likely enjoy upwards of three to four months of pain relief. This means you will likely live the next 100 days or even longer without TMJ disorder symptoms. You will be liberated to return to your normal living habits without having to worry about pain. So do not assume you are powerless after your night guard or other TMJ treatment fails to alleviate your pain. Give Botox a chance and you just might find your TMJ no longer proves nearly as bothersome.

Botox for TMJ and Beyond

Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando is proud to provide Botox for TMJ as well as cosmetic improvements. Whether you are interested in Botox for a younger appearance, as a facial filler or to treat your TMJ, our team is at your service. Our aim is to relieve your pain and make you look as young and attractive as possible. The application of Botox alone or in combination with a facial filler will enhance the look of your skin, making your teeth look that much whiter. Keep in mind it is the entirety of your face that performs the act of smiling as opposed to strictly the teeth. Whitening your teeth is only part of maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Tap into the power of Botox and you will be able to smile in full confidence knowing your teeth and face look their best.

TMJ Treatment With Botox Helps Improve Oral Health

Have your TMJ treated with Botox in a timely manner and your regular mouth functions of chewing, swallowing and talking will not be impacted. This treatment reduces discomfort while simultaneously helping prevent even worse oral health problems that can lead to excessive tooth decay, lost teeth and/or gum disease. Ask those who rely on Botox to treat their TMJ and you will find they report fewer problems in terms of discomfort when using their jaw, less jaw tension, fewer instances of lockjaw, reduced neck pain and fewer headaches resulting from grinding the teeth while sleeping.

What to Expect After Botox Treatment for TMJ

There is a small chance of pain when being injected with Botox. Thankfully, this minor pain is short-lived. Do not expect anything more than a small prick sensation on your face. If you still feel pain after your Botox TMJ treatment, apply a cold pack or anesthetic cream at the injection sites. Short-term sedation is available for those who fear needles.

The average patient finds his or her muscle tenderness dissipates surprisingly quickly after the Botox injections. There might be slight numbness, redness or faint bruising near the sites of injections. However, you will be able to resume your normal activities without any significant limitations. The dentist will likely advise against rubbing the injection sites in the immediate aftermath of the treatment yet this caveat will not interfere with your daily activities.

Botox for TMJ is Perfectly Safe

We would be remiss to sidestep the issue of patient safety. There is no reason to fear the use of Botox to treat TMJ. It is interesting to note dentists and doctors in other parts of the world have been using Botox as a helpful health injection for decades. Though Botox has been used for TMJ treatment for several years, the Food and Drug Administration originally approved Botox for use in the late 1980s. Nowadays, Botox is used to treat an array of conditions ranging from muscle stiffness to eyelid spasms, TMJ, migraine headaches, etc. This procedure is easy, smooth and typically takes 20 minutes or less.

Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando

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