Sedation Dentistry

It is quite common to feel a little anxious about seeing a dentist and this problem can affect anyone, even people who regularly have checkups and hygiene appointments and who enjoy reasonable dental health. However, the thought of visiting a dentist can be even worse for anyone who actively avoids dental care because of severe dental anxieties. It can be very difficult to overcome these feelings, even when you know you need treatment. For some people, these anxieties may have their roots in real-life experiences and where a previous bad experience in the dental chair has created memories that are hard to overcome.

Unfortunately, this does mean that some people will only see a dentist when they are in severe pain, potentially reinforcing the connection between discomfort and dental treatment. Often, dental fears can prevent people from getting the treatment they need to help restore dental health and without the correct treatment, poor dental health can impact general health. In some cases, for example, a severe tooth infection, a lack of dental care can even become life-threatening.

If these feelings sound familiar, then you can rest assured that the dental team at Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando is very experienced and extremely gentle when seeing anyone who is even slightly anxious. Our dentist, Dr. Aileen Trivedi can work with you to help you overcome your fears and anxieties. One of the most straightforward and very effective ways is to use sedation dentistry.

Why Consider Sedation Dentistry?

With sedation dentistry, you can receive the treatment you need without feeling any pain or anxiety. This is because sedation dentistry helps to induce feelings of deep relaxation, acting on the brain and central nervous system to reduce anxiety and fear. Once these feelings have been reduced or eliminated then even the most nervous person can comfortably receive the treatment they require. Using sedation dentistry can help restore dental health, reducing the risk of tooth loss, infections, and gum disease. It can also be used to provide comprehensive and lengthier treatments such as dental implants. Dr. Johnson a Spokane prosthodontist adds that for more complex treatments like All-On-4 placement sedation dentistry plays a key roll in helping the patient feel comfortable and for the treatment to be completed faster. Other benefits include:

Helping People with a Strong Gag Reflex

If you have a strong gag reflex, then you may find that even minor dental treatments are quite uncomfortable to tolerate. Trying to stifle the urge to gag during treatment can be quite impossible, but sedation dentistry will help you relax. This may be useful if you have a very strong gag reflex that makes it extremely difficult to have dental impressions or even just dental x-rays.

Reducing Fear of Injections

It is not uncommon to have a fear of needles or injections, but using mild sedatives can help you to feel more comfortable. This makes it easier to have an injection of local anesthetic so that you can comfortably receive pain-free dentistry. It’s also worth mentioning that these days many dentists take considerable care when giving dental injections, using various techniques to minimize discomfort or they will routinely provide numbing gel at the site of the injection to help make it more comfortable. Other techniques include slowly giving a local anesthetic because often it is the speed of the injection that causes the discomfort. By making sure the local anesthetic enters your bloodstream more slowly, your dentist can provide a more comfortable experience.

Helping You to Cope with the Sights, Sounds, and Smells in a Dental Office

There’s no denying that dental offices have a very distinctive and antiseptic smell because it’s important that they are thoroughly disinfected. Then, of course, there is the sound of the dental drill which can be sufficient to promote dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry can reduce the effects of these stimuli, minimizing dental fears and anxieties.

Longer Appointments Are More Comfortable

This is one of the most important aspects of sedation dentistry as our dentist, Dr. Aileen Trivedi will be able to perform longer or even multiple treatments during just one visit. The ability to carry out multiple procedures can be extremely useful if you require lengthy or complex dental care to help restore your dental health, resulting in fewer visits.

You May Not Even Remember Very Much about Your Dental Treatment

Imagine being able to comfortably receive a lengthy or complex dental treatment in what could feel like just a matter of moments. This can be the reality with deeper oral sedation so that you remember little if anything about your treatment and which can be extremely helpful for anyone with deep-seated dental fears.

Replacing Bad Memories with Positive Experiences

Once dental health is restored then hopefully you will find it much easier to visit us here at Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando for regular checkups and hygiene appointments. Repeated visits to our dental office should help reduce your dental anxieties, replacing any bad memories with positive experiences. We provide inhalation sedation in the form of Nitrous oxide or oral sedation in the form of Valium or Halcion. These sedatives are extremely safe and have few if any side effects. The advantage of using oral conscious sedation compared to full sedation is that you should enjoy better post-operative healing.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can help children, teenagers, and adults, and each treatment is customized according to the patient’s unique needs. Dr. Trivedi carefully assesses every patient’s suitability for sedation dentistry to ensure this treatment is as safe as possible. You will be monitored during your appointment and the level of sedation provided is adjusted as needed. We will want you to remain in our dental office for a short while afterward, just to ensure you are completely okay before we send you home.

What Are the Ongoing Benefits of Choosing Sedation Dentistry?

Ultimately, we aim to provide you with sedation dentistry is to ensure you have a more comfortable experience in the dental chair, enabling you to feel fully relaxed during your treatment. We will provide you with all the options required so you can maintain good oral health through ongoing professional dental care and by ensuring you have the best possible oral care routine at home. You will find our dental team is gentle and very friendly, and we are here to help you gain control over your dental health. Hopefully, you will never fear dental visits again.