Teeth Whitening

Your smile says a lot about you. Part your lips to reveal a couple rows of lovely white teeth and people really will hold you in high regard. Alternatively, if your teeth are discolored, stained, or visibly damaged, you will hesitate to smile in social settings and be your true self in the company of others. Our cosmetic dentist is here to beautify your smile with teeth whitening. Below, we explain the many reasons to whiten your teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth for Social Comfort

Wouldn't it be nice to let your guard down in the company of others and show off who you really are? If you hesitate to smile due to tooth discoloration or staining, those in your social circle, professional circle, and others you interact with will never see the real you. Constantly worrying about the look of your teeth due to coffee stains, yellow discoloration or other flaws is no way to live life. Opt for teeth whitening and you will finally look and feel your best.

Once your teeth are a beautiful shade of white, you will look forward to the opportunity to smile, laugh, talk, yawn and open your mouth for other reasons in the company of others. Smile more in social settings and others will be that much more inclined to enjoy your presence and invite you to subsequent outings. The bottom line is people are attracted to those who are willing to enjoy themselves in public settings. Frequent smiling is a clear sign you are content, positive, and outgoing. These are the traits people are looking for insignificant others as well as friends.

A Whiter Smile Shifts the Focus Away From Facial Wrinkles

Let our dentists whiten your teeth and people will no longer zero in on your facial wrinkles, freckles, acne, or other imperfections. Rather, their focus will be on your gorgeous teeth. Even if you only have a couple facial wrinkles, teeth whitening is absolutely worth its surprisingly small cost as onlookers will shift their attention away from those creases and toward your perfectly white teeth.

White Teeth Make You Look Friendlier

Everyone knows smiling makes you appear that much friendlier and happier. However, a smile that reveals stained or discolored teeth won't exactly win the favor of others. Reveal a mouth full of lovely white teeth and people really will gravitate toward you. If you struggle to attract others for romance or friendship, have your teeth whitened in our office and you will immediately notice a difference in how you are perceived. The icing on the cake is the fact that smiling releases the “happy chemicals” within the brain known as endorphins. This endorphin rush will minimize your nervousness, make you feel that much better about yourself, and ultimately help you form that many more relationships.

There is no Risk of Tooth Damage With Professional Teeth Whitening

Ask anyone who has tried DIY (do it yourself) teeth whitening about the experience and you will find it was difficult, time-consuming, and ineffective. Some of those who attempt to whiten their teeth with store-bought whitening products end up harming their oral health. Alternatively, those who rely on a professional dentist for precise teeth whitening enjoy beautiful teeth. There is no risk of damage to tooth enamel or a heightened sensitivity to cold/hot foods and beverages after teeth whitening. Furthermore, professional teeth whitening eliminates those pesky intrinsic tooth stains rather than merely addressing superficial staining as is the case with store-bought teeth whitening products.

Improved Appearance and Self-confidence

It is no secret we live in a society focused on personal aesthetics. If you look good, you will feel more confident, attract more people and enjoy life that much more. A beautiful white smile is essential to looking your best. Even if you have perfect skin, gorgeous hair, and a slim physique, your personal aesthetic will be compromised by stained or discolored teeth. Opt for teeth whitening and you will finally maximize your beauty potential. Even if your teeth are only slightly stained or discolored, teeth whitening will send a signal to others that you take pride in maintaining your personal appearance and are willing to invest the time/money necessary to take care of yourself.

Whitening is an Anti-aging Method Without Needles

Whiter teeth will make you look younger. People who look younger also tend to feel younger. White teeth are associated with youth as everyone has lovely white teeth up until coffee, wine, sugary treats and other foods/beverages compromise tooth aesthetics. Once your teeth are whitened, you will look like you did 10 or 20 years ago. Furthermore, you will be inclined to smile that much more frequently when your teeth are whitened. People who smile at a high frequency really do look that much younger. Alternatively, if you don't like the look of your smile, you will hesitate to part your lips and show your teeth to the world. This is precisely why everyone with even minor staining/discoloration should spend the little bit of money required for professional teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Might Even Improve Your Oral Healthcare

Ask any dentist who performed teeth whitening about the impact on patients and you will find those who opt for whitening tend to take that much better care of their teeth and gums. This is quite an interesting benefit as it is rooted in the peculiarities of human psychology. When you see beautiful white teeth in the mirror, you really are that much more likely to floss, brush, rinse with mouthwash and visit with the dentist at the appropriate intervals. Optimal oral health is important for enhancing overarching health and preventing diseases.

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