Discover Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you feel a little anxious or nervous, or perhaps you have more deep-seated anxieties or phobias? If so, you’re not alone and it is estimated up to 20% of Americans will actively avoid seeking dental treatment because of anxiety or fear, and it’s a worldwide problem.

Some people have such a severe dental phobia that they feel panic-stricken about the mere thought of dental treatment. Even though they fully acknowledge these feelings are irrational, they find it difficult to do anything about it and will do everything possible to avoid dental treatment. Usually, people with deep-seated dental phobias will only visit a dentist when in extreme pain. Other signs of dental anxieties and phobias include:

  • Feeling anxious while even just sitting in a dental office waiting room, and these feelings can escalate
  • Feeling physically ill or extremely emotional at the thought of seeing the dentist
  • Experiencing feelings of uneasiness or having difficulty breathing at the idea of having anything placed in your mouth during dental treatment
  • Being unable to sleep properly the night before seeing a dentist

Dental fears and phobias can be caused by different reasons, and one of the most common is fear of feeling pain. It’s a perfectly reasonable fear, but if this sounds familiar, then you can rest assured that dentists do everything possible to ensure treatment is entirely painless. Other people have a fear of dental injections, even though modern techniques help ensure that dental injections should feel no worse than a small, quick pinch. A gel placed onto the gums beforehand will have already begun the numbing process. Often, people fear the loss of control and feeling of helplessness that comes from sitting in the dental chair, but with the proper approach to dentistry, it is possible to overcome your fears and phobias.

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Fears and Anxieties

Here at Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando, our dentist Dr. Aileen Trivedi is highly experienced in helping nervous and anxious patients overcome their feelings of fear and anxiety. Our entire dental team is here to help you. If you let us take care of you, then you’ll find we are extremely sympathetic, and we will go out of our way to help you relax during every single visit, even if it’s just for a simple checkup.

There are lots of different things we can do to increase your comfort level, and one thing we find tremendously helpful is making sure you know you are in control. During an examination or dental treatment, all you need do is to raise your hand, and we can take a break. If a dental exam identifies any dental problems, Dr. Trivedi will explain every possible solution so that you have the knowledge required to make an informed choice about your treatment.

But what if you need quite extensive dental treatment to help restore your smile or your dental health? Don’t worry! Sedation dentistry can ease you comfortably and painlessly through an appointment, and treatment is dependable and affordable. It’s a great solution that has already helped many nervous patients, and we offer two different solutions which are oral conscious sedation and intravenous sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you choose oral conscious sedation, we will give you a sedative to take at a specific time before your appointment, so that when you see our dentist, it will have taken full effect. It’s an easy way to relieve feelings of anxiety and fear, and you’ll find your appointment drifts comfortably past. Afterward, any memories of your dental treatment will probably be fuzzy, to say the least, which many people find preferable. If oral conscious sedation doesn’t seem quite sufficient, or if you require a lengthy appointment, then intravenous sedation is another possible option.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous or IV sedation is where the sedative is administered intravenously and continuously during your appointment. The sedative takes effect within a few seconds of being administered, and you will feel so deeply relaxed that you may even fall asleep. During your appointment, we can adjust the dosage as required, and you will be continually monitored.

With any form of sedation dentistry, you will need someone to bring you to your appointment and to take you home afterward. If you have intravenous sedation, then someone will need to stay with you for the rest of the day which is just a precaution to make sure you are safe.

When to Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation is ideal when you need more complex treatment, for example, dental implants or extensive restorative dentistry, or even if you just feel very nervous about the thought of dental treatment. Another frequent use for dental sedation is when extracting wisdom teeth, ensuring you benefit from a procedure that is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Before we consider you for sedation dentistry, Dr. Trivedi will need to discuss your medical history to make sure this treatment is appropriate. We take every precaution during your treatment to keep your safe because it is our top priority. Our dental team will closely monitor you while you are under the effect of any dental sedation, and once your treatment is completed, we will keep you with us for a short while, which is just to make sure you are completely okay before you go home.

Comfortably Restoring Your Dental Health and Your Smile

Sedation dentistry can enable anyone to comfortably restore their dental health, or even to achieve the smile of their dreams. It’s an approach that could help you overcome your dental fears and phobias in the future because every positive experience you have with us will hopefully help you feel more comfortable whenever you see a dentist.

Banishing Dental Fears

Eventually, your dental fears and phobias could be banished to the past, allowing you to receive regular checkups to maintain your dental health. The beautiful thing about having regular dental care is that it’s much easier to maintain optimal oral health, so you’re much less likely to experience dental pain or discomfort.

If you know you need treatment or would love to have cosmetic or restorative dentistry, then don’t let your dental fears and phobias hold you back. Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando uses the very best and safest form of sedation dentistry combined with the most advanced dental procedures. Let us turn your dreams of a beautiful, healthy smile into a reality. Contact us today!