Year-end Dental Checkup

For most people, the Christmas season is their busiest season of the year. The typical American shops are open around Christmas for over two full days. People only have a little spare time when considering all their other responsibilities and family events.

Because of this, the dentist's office is now completely open. Put another way, now is the ideal time to make up for missed dental appointments. Continue reading to know why December is the ideal moment to start thinking about your oral hygiene.

Why Bother with a Dental Checkup?

What justifies going to the dentist? That's one of the most common questions people who don't visit their dentists ask. People need to realize that cleaning their teeth is not enough to remove all, or even most, food particles buried in between them. The germs that cause dental cavities and other oral illnesses thrive in the bits of food between your teeth.

Most people should have at least two dental appointments a year. Patients often visit both a hygienist and a dentist during a checkup. Your teeth are cleaned and polished, and the hygienist also discusses dental hygiene with you and responds to your inquiries. The dentist evaluates the cleaning performed by the hygienist, performs an oral examination of your teeth and gums, diagnoses any oral health issues, orders X-rays (if necessary), and suggests a course of treatment. In addition to cleaning, checkups are crucial to spotting issues early.

Why an End-of-the-Year Appointment Is Good for You

Your dental insurance plan, or at least the majority of insurance coverage, ends on December 31. The start of the calendar year is when insurance providers renew dental policies. Since the year is almost over, it only stands to reason to utilize the plan to its full potential and save big bucks on dental care.

You should schedule a dentist visit straight soon for the following reasons:

The Dental Insurance Annual Max Is Fixed

Studies show that only about 2.8% of Americans with dental insurance utilize or exceed their coverage limits. This is because most of them are oblivious that their dental procedures are only covered by insurance for a year before the plan resets and that they must pay a premium to obtain coverage. The remaining funds under the plan do not carry across to the following year.

Additionally, your dentist can help patients maximize their dental insurance advantages. They might also examine their records to inform you of the amount charged to your insurance and the remaining balance on your plan. Even planning how to make the most of your insurance advantages in the upcoming year can be aided by your dental care. Preparing ahead might result in significant savings if you require many dental treatments.

Take Advantage of Your Deductibles

Your dental insurance provider will only cover services once you have met your deductible, which you must pay your dentist out of pocket. As a result, if you've already reached your deductible for the current year, you shouldn't take a chance by delaying necessary dental work until the following year, when the deductible will be reset. This is because your coverage will cover all or a portion of the expenses when you have met your deductible for the year. Deductibles renew yearly, similar to an annual limit, and you'll need to start paying them down again.

Safeguard Your Teeth with Seasonal Treats

The Christmas season is filled with sweets and desserts, which are bad for your teeth. Your dentist can identify and address any early indications of decay during a visit at the end of the year before they develop into a significant (and costly) issue. You would also profit from seeing your dentist for an end-of-the-year checkup, cleaning, and dental procedures by avoiding dental cavities and other problems that can become unpleasant and expensive if not handled right away. It's preferable to get rid of any dental concerns now rather than waiting for them to worsen during the holidays when we overindulge and eat a lot of sweets.

Prevention of Oral Issues

According to the proverb, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," maintaining your child's oral health with frequent, comprehensive checkups and cleanings will be less expensive in the long run than having to pay to fix an issue down the road. It's time to schedule a checkup if you last had one in more than six months.

You Avoid Crowds

The dentist is frequently the last item on people's minds in December between Holiday shopping and visiting family. You won't have to wait in line with the throng if you book an appointment for this month.

Dental Problems Only Worsen

If a medical condition—including oral problems—is not treated, it will only worsen. Delaying the removal of a straightforward cavity might result in the need for root canal therapy. As a result, the process will only get more difficult and expensive. Christmas happiness and the impending thrill of the New Year make December a joyous month. That should not, however, cause you to disregard your oral health.


If you want to profit from your insurance's advantages, you must make a dentist appointment as soon as possible. To be sure your dentist has openings, make your consultation as soon as possible. There is a greater probability that you may lose out on an opportunity the longer you wait. At Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando, we are always available to help address your dental needs. To make an appointment with us before the end of the year, contact us today!