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According to a post by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 26% of individuals aged 65 and above have 8 or fewer teeth. In addition, the WHO, in a more recent post, mentioned that an estimated 7% of those aged 20 years and older are suffering from total tooth loss across the globe.

While all of these statistics look unfriendly, they are true indeed. Everyone knows at least one person who has some missing teeth. As you read this post, you can think of someone you know without thinking too far. You may have also lost some teeth and lack the confidence to smile in public. You've got to consider a lasting solution to the missing teeth problem, and Teeth Xpress is one such option. There are several speculations surrounding the procedure's reliability, and you'll find out if it's one that you can consider as you read on.

Causes of Missing Teeth

To begin with, you need to understand that we are referring to the loss of permanent/secondary teeth here and not the natural (temporary) loss of teeth when milk teeth are to be replaced by permanent teeth. There are several reasons why permanent teeth can become missing, and here are some of them:

  • Trauma/Injury: trauma from falls, vehicular accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc., can result in teeth loss. It should be noted, however, that teeth loss due to trauma should be followed by immediate medical attention.
  • Gum disease: gum diseases can create pockets, i.e., spaces between teeth and bones, which can give rise to teeth loss. Sometimes, this condition can be treated, but when left untreated, periodontitis may result.
  • Genetics: congenital conditions such as Down Syndrome, Cleft palate and lip, malformation of the upper and lower jaw, etc., can cause teeth loss. Missing teeth due to genetic factors may be partial (hypodontia or oligodontia) or total (anodontia).

Other causes of a missing tooth include smoking, poor nutrition, poor dental hygiene, and tooth decay due to cavities.

Effects of Missing Teeth

Teeth loss comes with many disadvantages, some of which will affect your jaw and disfigure your face. But there are other effects that you must know. Let's look at some of them.

  • Lowered sense of attractiveness and self-esteem.
  • Deterioration and loss of bones.
  • Weakening of jaw muscles.
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing.
  • Insufficient feeding due to the above factor with resultant dietary issues.
  • Altered bite (even one missing tooth will cause the migration of surrounding teeth).
  • The individual is at a higher risk for further dental problems such as cavities.

Popular Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Teeth loss is a common issue, and some measures can be taken to take care of missing teeth. More importantly, there are options for teeth replacement, restoring your smile. Let's consider some of them.

  • Dentures: This involves wearing a set of false teeth known as dentures. This is quite a convenient option as you can wear and remove them as often as you like. Dentures can either be partial (i.e., for one or a few teeth) or complete (i.e., for replacing an entire row of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw).
  • Dental Bridges: This is an effective option for teeth replacement, and it involves attaching sets of artificial teeth to a bridge. The bridge must be cemented to either implants or crowns of healthy teeth.
  • Dental Implants: This option is appropriate for replacing a single tooth. It's a unique and more advanced option in that it helps to provide permanent teeth that are well-designed to blend in with your dental structure. Teeth Xpress is in this category.

How Teeth Xpress Works

Teeth Xpress is a dental implant procedure that involves the installation of false permanent teeth that can perfectly replace your missing teeth. The procedure thrives on its ability to replace the missing teeth and make you feel like they are natural teeth. There are four steps involved in this procedure:

  1. Evaluation: This first step involves thoroughly assessing the bone and gum to receive the new implant. You want to be sure that the bine that will serve as the socket for the implanted tooth is in good condition. Imaging methods such as Computerized Tomography Scanning are usually employed.
  2. Augmentation: Sometimes, your dentist may discover that your jawbone is not strong enough for this procedure. In this case, the treatment will need to wait as the jawbone needs to be supplemented with bone-like material. You might have to wait a few months for complete healing before going on with the Teeth Xpress procedure.
  3. Planting the screw: After all evaluations have been done, and the jawbone is considered fit for implantation, the next thing to do is to fix a titanium screw in the jawbone. This screw will serve as a root for the tooth to be implanted. It will be well integrated after complete healing takes place 3-6 months afterward, especially as the bone grows around it.
  4. Fixing the crown: The final procedure involves fixing a crown that will fit into the bone area, adapting to all of the colors and contours of the surrounding teeth.

Benefits of Getting a Teeth Xpress Procedure

Want to know why you should consider Teeth Xpress? Let's consider some of the benefits that the procedure offers.

  • The procedure is a time saver compared to other options for replacing the missing tooth. It can be as brief as an hour.
  • Dental implants have a reputation for lasting long, often for a lifetime.
  • The procedure isn't painful as our Downtown Orlando dentists will apply a local anesthetic before beginning anything. After the procedure, you'll also get prescription medication that will help minimize pain.
  • Despite being an artificial procedure for replacing teeth, your new set of teeth comes out blending with your oral cavity and feeling all natural.

Why Teeth Xpress is Good for You

If you've lost some teeth, you need to start considering an option for restoring your smile. Most people prefer to have dentures, partly because they feel it provides more ease as they can be removed and worn at will. One problem with this is that the jawbones may soon shrink due to lack of stimulation.

After some time, the dentures will begin to slip off, which can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Teeth Xpress solves all of these problems as a permanent replacement procedure. Also, having your Teeth Xpress done by our best Orlando dentists will mean that your jawbones have to be well-evaluated to ensure they fit for the process.

Teeth Xpress at Your Orlando Dentist

Consider scheduling a consultation with any of our best Orlando dentists at Fine Dentistry of Downtown Orlando. From the records, Teeth Xpress has a high success rate, and you can be more comfortable having the procedure with a competent dentistry center like ours. Contact us today!