Teeth CleaningsThere is a common misconception that brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash will suffice for dental health. The little-known truth is an at-home dental hygiene routine will only do so much for the teeth and gums. Professional teeth cleaning performed by experienced oral health professionals is essential for dental health and aesthetic appeal. If you have not had your teeth professionally cleaned in the past six months, it is time to schedule an appointment with the dentist. Here's why.

Professional Teeth Cleaning is Thorough

Your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash can only do so much. Though floss and toothbrush bristles do a fairly good job of cleaning trapped food particles and bacteria, this DIY (do it yourself) clean is superficial compared to that provided by the dentist. Most people are a bit surprised to learn there are some small spaces between the teeth and other areas within the mouth that floss and toothbrush bristles just cannot reach. The truth is it does not matter if you floss several times per day and brush after each meal; the bottom line is professional teeth cleaning is necessary to remove all the plaque that everyday cleanings cannot eliminate.

Professional dental instruments are necessary to clean deeply-set plaque. As an example, scaling and planing tools are necessary to clean away tartar that has built up around the teeth in areas that are especially difficult (or impossible) to clean with merely floss and a toothbrush. This in-depth clean with specialized instruments really will eliminate that nasty dental film, plaque, food particles and other threats to oral health.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Provides a Lovely Smile

Everyone is looking for a bright smile yet a stunning smile cannot be achieved with flossing, brushing and mouth rinsing. Even over-the-counter products designed to beautify smiles fall short compared to professional teeth cleanings. Opt for a professional cleaning and you will rest easy knowing your trusted dentist is safely removing plaque much more effectively than any DIY method.

Add in the fact that professional teeth cleaning does not cause tooth sensitivity as occurs with over-the-counter products and it is easy to see why people are starting to turn away from DIY attempts at smile beautification in favor of a thorough professional clean. Furthermore, professional teeth cleaning will remove stains and polish the teeth so they look that much whiter and brighter.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Combat Gum Disease

Gum disease impacts the tissues around the teeth, causing bad breath and possible bone loss if untreated. The gums gradually weaken as gum disease spreads. If the gums are not tended to by a professional dentist, they will likely loosen to the point that one or several teeth are lost. This is precisely why it is so important to visit with the dentist once every six months.

A professional teeth cleaning provides you with the opportunity to find gum disease early, reverse the effects and treat the problem before it worsens. There is a good chance you will have no idea you have gum disease unless you meet with your dentist for professional teeth cleaning, analysis and treatment. Fail to meet with your dentist twice per year and you will be that much more vulnerable to gum disease.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Maintain Oral Health

If you do not meet with the dentist or at least visit the dentist once every couple of years, your oral health will suffer. Cleanings are only one aspect of dental office visits. Meeting with the dentist gives you a chance to pick this professional's brain about your oral health. The dentist will provide insightful guidance that keeps your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful. Skip your dental appointments and you will run the risk of having an unidentified oral health problem that worsens as time progresses. Early detection is essential to thwarting dental issues before they progress to major problems that significantly compromise oral health. As an example, 6-month dental visits provide the dentist with an opportunity to identify the early signs of oral cancer and take immediate action.

Professional Teeth Cleaning is Essential for Cavity Prevention

Plaque is the top cause of cavities. A professional cleaning is necessary to eliminate plaque and clean all those cramped areas in your mouth you cannot clean on your own. Plaque gradually accumulates on the teeth, leaving a film-like substance that attacks dental enamel. This enamel cannot be replaced. Teeth gradually decay as the enamel dissipates. This decay will gradually spur surprisingly large cavities. A professional cleaning is the only way to ensure all the cavity-causing plaque is completely gone.

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